Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Scotchtoberfest!!!

Today, October 17th, I celebrated Scotchtoberfest...not to be confused with Oktoberfest. I was bedecked in the classic Scottish garb of a kilt and a puffy sidelong hat like a loose beret. Spiderman plaid was the fabric, and I even wore it to work and sold trees like a true Scot.

It was interesting to see people's reaction to a man wearing what looks like a skirt (a very manly skirt). It was a very fun day. I recorded this movie in the office at my work. It is the classic commercial by Vocal Point "Scottish Spring"'ll get the rest

One of my coworkers, Jordan, was also man enough to wear a skirt. Here we are:


zealygirl said...

You looked great!

Gustogirl said...

HAhahaa, love the "Scottish Spring" commercial!! You looked great!