Friday, July 20, 2007

Tree energy

Since one of the reasons I started this blog was to muse and ponder about the book I am writing, I might as well get to doing that. The reason I haven't been very current with my postings is that Have been both working mostly full-time doing my internship and going to school full-time. Needless to say I am glad for the semester to be on to the book wanderings.

The books starts on a different planet that is for now called Yuriel. Yuriel has just been through the AEW or All Encompassing War. This war had a terrible effect on the planet because of all of the volcanoes that were set off intentionally by an evil government power. This government is very two-faced in all of their dealings.

The effects of this cataclysmic war were many, but most important and devastating was the perma-cloud that covered the planet. This cloud cover was so dense that virtually all plant life died. The other terrible effect was that their main source of energy (solar) was taken away from the denseness of the clouds. This government had a back-up plan: they had stored up tons of the solar energy in batteries and they became the only source of energy for all the survivors in their city state.

Their batteries and supply thereof wouldn't last forever so they organized elite research and reconnaissance teams to find a new source of energy. They scoured the battered planet to find something usable, salvaging many things from decimated cities.

One recon plane the gov't sent ahead reported something unusual across the continent from the city-state and their best team was sent in to investigate. Off in the distance they see a green glow and decide to proceed with caution. As they get closer they realize the green glow is coming from a giant grove of trees and the reason they are glowing is because there is a hole into the sky and the sun is shining down on them!

This amazing discovery along with some intense research allow them to take the excess amount of energy produced by the trees and store it in bio-batteries. Voila! They found a new source of this same research they found that humans have light energy as well, just more pure and usually more of it in children...and the government funds (under the table) an organization that steals children to take their light away.

And thus my story begins. (that was all prologue)


Janette said...

Even when you're so tired you can barely type, things come out sounding so good. I just love it when your creative juices are flowing!

Andrew said...

That sounds pretty awesome Luke. I like the symbolism I can already see. That makes me want to read a good book like the one you are writing.

LikeAstaR said...

you have always been so creative. I am impressed with your ambition!

Gustogirl said...

Sounds like an interesting read. It will be fun to keep up on where you are in your writing.

pinkmorning said...

way to go! glad you are able to make time for your writing because it is so important to you.

Mariah "Sniggles" Proctor said...


Tru said...

Luke, I want to hear the rest of the story! I saw visuals in my head of the recon plane flying over as I read it. I want to know more! You're so brilliant and I love being your brother. You rock! *hugs!*